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Cisco Systems 2018, 2019, Kymco Taiwan MotorCycle Event 2018, Imagine Tokyo Automation Anywhere 2018 & 2019, RPA Digital World 2018, 2019, BIZROBO 2018, 2019, AIG 2018, Forbes Asia Award BUB 2018, ONE Championship press conference 2019, JCI 商工会議所 in Kagoshima 2018,  P&G Event at Maihama Bay 2018,  Laliga Kobe Watch Party 2019, RockCorps Fukushima 2019, G20 Osaka 2019,  Blue Prism Event 2019, Olympic Archery & Equestrian Test Event 2019, Rugby World Cup STH 2019, Bellatore Saitama Super Arena 2019, Olympic Rifle & Shotgun Test Event 2021,  Tokyo 2020/ Olympic & Paralympics Tokyo Rifle & Shotgun, Equestrian, and Archery as SPP team 2021, Tenaris NKKtubes シームレス鋼管 Closing Ceremony 2022, Nominated as Best MICE Organizer Japan 2021 & 2022 and more...


Classic Rock Award & performance, Accenture, Taiwan Amway Hokkaido, Mitsubishi Global Meeting, Tourism Expo, IBM, Symantec, 3DEX  Dassault Systems, Tokyo Jazz, Asian Beat, SABODM Saudi Oil company, GBAM_BANK AMERICA MERRYL LYNCH, World Forum Sports & Culture, Lexus Fuji Speedway, Toyota Design Center, Managers’ meeting Toyota, CES Las Vegas, Sony Xperia Tokyo Game Show, Under Armor Road Show, Tokyo Jazz @ Shibuya, Tourism Expo 2016 & 2017, P&G, SK-II and more... 



TMS Chrysler, WPC Intel, CEATEC Intel, Caribbean Cruise magic show, CaestanoTOK/Skynumツアー, Herbalife Party @浦安, Qatar Airlines @六本木アリーナ, INTEL CEATEC, Tokyo Jazz, トヨタ@Symphony Cruise, INTEL Viiv, HONDA WQ新車発表, James Brown tour, HONDA @Hawaii/ Honda Rainbow, FENDI @国立競技場, Rolling Stones Dome Tour, Volvo C30 新車発表, BYJ(ペ・ヨンジュン)Classics@埼玉アリーナ、Glory 4 Kick Boxing Super Arena, Glory Ariake 有明 8 & 13, Glory @ Dipher Road to Glory, TMS Volvo, TMS VW



FUJI ROCK, Jamiroquai, Glay, Triport Korea (Deep Purple, Dream Theater, 宇多田ヒカル(爽健美茶ライブ), ラルクアンシエル, Herbalife, Darren Stanley Hayes, PRINCE, 国際スケート協会 Party, Summer Sonic, 村上隆(カルチェ・ファウンデーション)展示会, ゼロワンプロレス, BB Mack, TMS Volvo, TMS GM, ゼロワン・プロレス, Paul Anka Japan Tour, 新国立劇場オペラ, adidasイベント@La Foret, 村上隆 バルーン@New York, ゼロワンプロレス, メナード化粧品45周年, クリスチャン・ミリアンツアー, Cheryl Lynn, The Whispers, Quick Silver Fashion Event, Dance☆man, Adidas Hong Kong event, 上海国際スピーチコンテスト, Intel Keynote, Volvo V70新車発表,  Good Charlotte tour,  CLSA Event @4 season, Rotary Club @Osaka Dome, HONDA @ Big Island, Summer Sonic, CEATEC Intel Core duo, HBN Night Works video制作, QuickSilver品川 イベント, Nikken@パシフィコ, Aichi EXPO, HBL インタビュー撮影, QUATAR航空, HONDA ハワイ島表彰式



Mariah Carey, Nagano Olympic, U2, Rolling Stones, Pat Metheney, Elton John & Billy Joel


Whitney Houston, Bob Dylan, Dave Stuart, Hong Kong 大夜総会, 松田聖子, Volvo V40 Launch, Herbalife, Stevie Wonder


Mariah Carey, Diana Ross, Vale-Tudo, Beat UK, Earth Wind and Fire, 河口湖 Marathon, Forbidden Holly Wood, Herbalife, Nora Callejeros, Michael  Jackson, 岩井俊二映画 Swallowtail Butterfly, Chara Band, Nile Rogers, Bon Jovi, Royal Hunt of the Sun, Phillip Bailey, 国際Bartender Competition, 松田聖子


Billy Joel, Rolling Stones, Phil Collins, Pat Metheney, Chick Corea, Earth Wind and Fire, Eagles, Bon Jovi, Bordeaux Sigma Festival, 河口湖 Marathon, Music Quest 世界大会, 松田聖子, JT Super Producers, Mt. Fuji Jazz Festival

Sting, 国際Figure Skate 選手権, Inxs, Patricia Kaas, 劇団OM-2   (CAIRO), Sal Tim Banco, Janet Jackson, Aerosmith, Great Music Experience東大寺, American Music Festival, Bob Marley, Sirella, 三重博覧会/Mie Expo, 関西新空港イベント, 姫路城 Castival, Yes, Frank Sinatra, Natalie Cole, Mt. Fuji Jazz Festival


佐野元春, Guns'N' Roses, Girlfriend, Michael Jackson, U2, Paul McCartney, Simon & Garfunkel, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Mac World Expo, Bay City Rollers, リルハンメル冬期 Olympic, Norway の森, Wind in the Willow, TAMA Life, Asian Sound Wave, George Lucas Super Live Adventure, 神戸New Orleans Jazz Festival, Mt. Fuji Jazz Festival


Sting, Paul Young, Michael Jackson, Paula Abdul, Diana Ross, Prince, IECF, Sarafina, JOSE Alberto, WOMAD, Indecent Obsession, Orquesta de la LUZ (World tour, Latin America tour, Spain, ITALY), Earth Voice, Chick Corea, Mt. Fuji Jazz Festival, 斑尾 Newport Jazz Festival in Madarao


Tuck & Patty, Gloria Estefan, Kyrie Minogue, Bobby Brown, Olivia Newton-John, New Kid's On the Block, Imagination, Cyndi Lauper, Kenny Rogers, Whitney Houston,  Orquesta de la Luz  (Billboard Award in Miami, US tour, Latin America tour, World Tour) , Mt. Fuji Jazz Festival, 斑尾 Newport Jazz Festival in Madarao


H.B.O. MIKE TYSON&DOUGLAS Boxing, Billy Eckstine, Sarafina, Madonna, David Bowie, WBC Boxing, Live Under the Sky, Brazil Project, Isuzu Flash Bowl, FUJI 500 Miles Race, IOC Olympic General session in Japan, Basia, ASAP, Special EFX, Max Roach, Mingus Dynasty, NY Pros Orchestra, Janet Jackson, Tom Scott, Hiram Bullock, Stevie Wonder, Rolland Hanna, Paul McCartney, Cyndi Lauper, Take 6, Rosemary Clooney, Cecil Taylor, Jackie McLean, Mt. Fuji Jazz Festival, 斑尾 Newport Jazz Festival in Madarao


Whitney Houston,  Diana Ross,  Cyndi Lauper, Dead or Alive, Art Blakey, Michael Jackson, PIL., Japan Classic Basket Ball, Chris Conner, Mt. Fuji Jazz Festival, 斑尾 Newport Jazz Festival in Madarao


H.B.O. MIKE TYSON & TUBBS Boxing match @ Tokyo Dome, Ron Carter, Bob James, Sting, Steve Ferrone, GRP super Live,  Bros.,  NCAA Basket Ball, Mt. Fuji Jazz Festival, 斑尾 Newport Jazz Festival in Madarao


Chick Corea,  Michael Jackson, 高中正義, Mt. Fuji Jazz Festival, 斑尾 Newport Jazz Festival in Madarao

'82  (before MRG was established)

George Duke, Tiger Ohkoshi, 斑尾 Newport Jazz Festival in Madarao


*Above Portfolio includes both direct contract and sub-contract projects.

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Copyright & Liabilities


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