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What We Offer

We offer full Event Production and Management services upon your request.

Below a simple list of services we offer... please refer to FAQs for more info.

Creative Event Planning, Marketing & Branding

​・Program, Agenda, Acquiring necessary permits, event security, consultation, media/ public relations plans, event manual preps, emergency plans and administrative support & management.

・Concerts + Festivals + Tours, Corporate Exhibition, Keynote, Conference, Party, Ceremony, Product Launch, Campaign, Trade Show, Expo, Road Show, Press Event, Sports (Boxing, Kickboxing, Golf Tournament), Incentive Tours, Team Building.

・Catering and Party Food Proposal

Local Transportation arrangements

・Bus, Limousine, Private Cars, Airport Pick up

Local accommodation arrangements

・Hotel, Onsen Hot Spring Spa

Creative Bilingual Event Production

・Production Planning & Managing

・Creative Stage Direction

・Stage managing

・Stage and Set Design + Digital Design etc.

・Opening Video and Film Production. E←→J

・Projection (LED Wall to Projector) and more

・Light and Sound + Decorative Illumination

・Special EFX + Digital Props

・LIVE Broadcasting (web-base)

・Powerpoint  E←→J + Slide Foil design

・Show Flow/ Cue Sheet  E←→J

・Show Calling. E←→J

・Entertainment casting

・Original Music Production

   (compose/ arrange/ recording/ performance)

We also offer many levels of administrative support ranging from on-the-day reception desk, guest form templates, data entry, itineraries hand outs, delegate badges, gifts and awards - to name a few.

Creative Bilingual Event Planning

Stage and Set Design, Opening Video, Light and Sound

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