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Here we list some frequently asked questions.

If your question isn't answered here, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Q:  What kind of event service does MRG Enterprise Inc. offer?

We offer full Event Production and Management services upon your request. Which means by working very closely with the client, we provide various aspects of the event services everything from budgeting, venue selection, negotiation with the parties involved, planning, marketing & branding, acquiring necessary permits, designing and arranging decor, event security, consultation, media/public relations plans, event manual preps, emergency plans, stage design, logo design, powerpoint presentation foil design, invitation on and off line, timetable, agenda, show flow cue sheet, technical direction, stage & production management, stage direction, AV and special effect, video production, original music production, staffing, entertainment and talent booking, coordinating local transportation, local accommodation, party menu selection and day-of coordination (set-up and tear-down) as well as post event report for the corporate events with bilingual solution on your request.

Q:  Could you be our event production partner overseas and do a part of the event? 

Yes.  If you are an event agency overseas and planning a corporate event in Japan, MRG Enterprise Inc. could be your local event production & management depending on your request.  With regards to the production execution, we strongly prefer to work with our partners and suppliers and coordinate the entire event production so the channel of communication remains simple, keeping our excellent working team together for the guaranteed quality of engineering, products and services. However, we understand that you may have a preferred choice and we are happy to respect your wishes on a case to case basis.

Q:  We are planning an event in Japan with a limited budget?  Can you organize an event for us?

Yes.  There are several options available with us, we are confident that one will be just right for you.  Having a firm budget in mind helps narrow down the options for choosing the right venue too.  We can advise you on the various options available to suit your budget.  If you have already contacted other event company or an agent in Japan, it is always a good idea to ask us for the phase estimate (competitive bids).

Q:  What do you mean by creative "Bilingual Solution"?

MRG Enterprise Inc. is a full bilingual event management and production corporation.  Unlike the out-sourced translators who simply translates literally, we localize your event concept,  presentation notes and/or your slogan and campaign phrases with the understanding of the multi-cultural differences between Japan.

We have very strong creative bilingual event planner, designer and event manager with the background of international sensibility to be your event bilingual solution.  We also provide bilingual stage director, stage managers and administrative staffs to support on-site-issues that may arise upon your request.  If you have ever experienced "unfamiliar-with-the-business translator" being your bridge between the local event management agency or the production team in the past, you'll be surprised how quick our creative bilingual solution responses to your inquiries.

Q:  How far will you travel for an event?

Since launching MRG Enterprise Inc. in 1987, we have had the opportunity to travel and support , produce, host events and concert tours literally throughout Japan and overseas.  Just to name a few oversea country projects we have been involved in were;  Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Europe, Central and South America, North America including Los Angeles, Florida, New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC., and much much more...

Q:  Do you work with other professionals throughout Tokyo area and Asia for your events?

Yes, we work with so many incredible professionals throughout Japan and overseas Asia including sales managers of venues, stage set and props creators, lighting engineers, audio and visual professionals, caterers, DJs and musicians, florists, décor rental companies, event staffs and more. After planning events for decades, our team has built very strong relationships throughout the community and knows the trusted professionals that will make your event a success.  

Q:  How early should you start planning an event?

Depending on the event, some will start planning 12 months or more in advance. That is for large-scale events that involved hundreds or thousands of individuals that span over multiple days. On the other hand, MRG Enterprise Inc, has also planned and executed a corporate event in a few weeks in the past. Our advice would be to start as early as possible especially if you have a particular venue in mind.  Please contact us,  we will find a way to make it work with your timeline. 

Q:  How much do you charge for an event?

Can I have a few more details perhaps?  As we run/execute the events directly, unlike most of the "agencies", we are confident that we are very competitive in quotes but no two events are the same and unfortunately I do not have an off the peg price to manage any event.  We are of course always happy to have a brief discussion to put together an accurate quotation but expect me to ask you about the type of event you have in mind, format, numbers, location, venue, time frame, objectives and budget, before I can give an indicative price.  Please feel free to contact us for any issues regarding event production & management especially in Japan.

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