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Who We Are

Madarao NewPort Jazz Festival

How we have started​

When we started to get involved in the event and concert production, we were just a bunch of young bilingual kids and musicians who loved music...  just graduated from the international schools in Japan. 

We loved music so much that we somehow ended up getting involved in the launch of a very first out-door Jazz Festival event called Newport Festival in Madarao back in 1982-  where we bilingually coordinated the event between Japanese production, the Artist management and the on-site production crew.

Madarao Newport Jazz Festival

Our team is passionate about creating and producing innovative and memorable events that help businesses reach their full potential.

From concept & design, to managing and delivering the event, we work closely with our clients to ensure the vision and the goal is reached with the flawless production execution and beyond with a touch of MRG-nation.

Through our extensive experience and knowledge of planning, organizing, managing, production, we can assist businesses create outcomes that match both the goals of the event and Company objectives.

Glory kickboxing

Foot Steps

As we have supported tons of gigs along the way from Michael Jackson, Rolling Stones and Madonna to IOC Olympic and APEC, we have earned the trust and reputation in the event production and management business.

The group of bilingual kids found

MRG Enterprise Inc. in 1987.

We have moved on to further produce, manage, direct and spend more time to execute corporate events such as product launch, exhibitions, keynotes, meetings, sport events, art events and conferences which is now one of our primary business.

What We Do

What We Do

Rolling Stones Big Bang Japan

Stage Production

From giant scale concerts to ballrooms and/or arena scale events

Creative Production & management, 


stage production execution, 

Creative Stage Direction, 

Creative Technical direction,

all with bilingual solution on your Request.

Stage Direction

From government-led events to corporate and local events

Event execution,

Creative Stage Direction,

Creative Technical direction, Cue sheet, Show flow, Time Schedule, Creative Show Calling and Post event report...

all with bilingual solution on your Request.

Full event production & management

Creative Event Planning and Management

Creative Event Branding and Design

Creative Event Production, 

Event Logistics, Event manual, Event execution,

Stage design & AV including: Creative

Stage Direction, 

Creative Technical direction, Cue Sheet, Show flow, Creative Show Calling and Post event report...

all with bilingual solution on your Request.

Our Mission

Our Mission


Our 1st Mission is to activate and lead the experiential marketing industry in innovation, creativity, quality and service, providing bilingual solution, unprecedented value for our clients, employees and shareholders, worldwide.


2nd Mission is to motivate by offering a full brand experience portfolio from strategy and creative to audio visual, logistics and execution expertise, deliver high-value, high-impact experiences and deliver extraordinary event experience to the attendees.


Our final Mission is to accelerate by finding the right blend of exercise,

aptitude and encounter to make you the winner on each and every event you plan for the attendees. Let us be your partner and paint together a canvas with your colors of your brand with our 

touch of MRG-nation.

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